Chronic & Acute Issues Therapy

feel better faster

Muscular Communication Programming mimics you body’s natural ability to heal at a rate that’s nearly 500 times faster.

By relieving pain and promoting muscle strength, you will feel stronger and more metabolically active. This prepares your body to adapt faster to athletic training, or simply meeting your everyday physical needs.

By understanding and working in harmony with the body’s muscular system, we can help heal the body, naturally.

Treat the origins of the problem, not the symptoms.

build strength, burn fat and heal in a fraction of the time found through traditional therapies.

By speeding up the brain’s ability to transmit information to the body, our Muscular Communication Program teaches the body to perform at its peak.

The system works through a combination of proprietary electrical devices and carefully designed protocols to determine the true source of physical pain.

We do this by administering electrical pulses to the affected area to increase blood flow and long-term muscle memory to eliminate compensation patterns. 

Western medicine protocols would suggest if your knee hurts, your knee is the area to be treated, when the true source of the problem may actually be the surrounding muscle groups intended to support the knee.

how it works

  • The process helps your body maintain proper length tension relationships within muscles and can significantly increase strength while preserving structural integrity.
  • It enhances the body’s ability to perform the tasks it is meant to perform, while assisting in overcoming previously developed compensation patterns.
  • The result is not only a reduction in pain, but a significant increase in functionality, and an increased likelihood that similar conditions will not return in the future.

the core behing our soft tissue therapy

Treat the origin, NOT the symptoms.

Preventing Surgery

We believe most surgical needs are the result of muscles not absorbing force.  If you’re having surgery on joints, tendons, ligaments or muscles, you are treating the symptom – not the source.
Preventing Pain

Pain-points reflect where the problem ended – not where it originated. We believe most pain is muscular in nature and is the result of muscles protecting an injured area.