Exciting News! Halo Membership Options Avalailable NOW!

Exciting News! Halo Membership Options Avalailable NOW!


Hello Minnesota Summer!

We have had so much fun helping you all cool down and recover from all of your summer fun! What a great stretch of weather we have had!  Halo Cryotherapy prides itself on the best cryotherapy service in the Twin Cities, and we cannot thank you all enough for being a part of our first few months.  It has been so fun to serve and freeze you, but we are just getting started!

We always work hard to listen to our clients and what we can improve on to make your experience even better, and we are excited to announce that we have created some great membership options for you to continue to benefit from cryotherapy! Our membership options are simple, and very cost effective.  The memberships cover whole body cryotherapy as well as Cryofacials, making it as easy as possible for you to get your favorite service anytime you want!

The multiple levels cater to all types of cryo users; A. the once a week cryo user who loves the energy boost or weekly cryofacial,  B. Twice a week for the regular at the gym looking to increase recovery, or C. the true unlimited membership for those suffering from chronic pain/inflammatory conditions or training nonstop and love the recovery and endorphin release!

Without further ado- Here are the membership options.

4 sessions/month- $129

8 sessions/month- $239

Unlimited Membership- $499

*additional sessions for 4 & 8 session members are only $25.  Memberships have a 3 month minimum, but we know you will love it so much you wont want to stop!

All of these memberships are available in our office or online @ www.halocryotherapy.com.

More Exciting News!!

The “Fit 4 the 4th” 40 day challenge with OrangeTheory Fitness in Uptown and Edina was a huge success.  We are so proud to be a part of such a great event, and incredibly impressed by the hard work everybody put into this challenge.  Everybody from the coaches to the sweaters, the energy was inspiring.  Our very own team member, Jack, took part in the challenge and saw some awesome results.  Before the challenge, we took baseline weight, BMI, body fat %, and a few performance tests.  Every baseline number was improved upon by the end of  the 40 days! See those results below!


  • Weight- 174.7 lbs
  • BMI- 28.5
  • Body fat- 16.5%
  • 12 minute run distance- 1.42 miles
  • Push ups in 60 seconds- 44
  • Timed 500 meter row- 1:47


  • Weight- 165.2 lbs  down 9.5 lbs!!!
  • BMI- 27.7
  • Body fat- 15.9%
  • 12 minute run distance- 1.65 miles – .23 mile increase
  • Push ups in 60 seconds- 51
  • timed 500 meter row- 1:31

“As these numbers show great results, it is only part of the story of how much I benefitted from this challenge. I was able to increase my treadmill base pace from 6.0 mph at the start up to 6.5 mph after the 40 days, as well as increase my push from 8.0 mph to 8.5 mph.  I improved my rowing immensely, and learned so much about how to push myself to get more out of my workouts than I thought possible.  I feel stronger, faster, and my body feels better than it has in years.  40 days of commitment to OTF, and I am hooked.  I love the energy, the comradery, and friendships that come from sweating together.  I know that Cryotherapy has helped me train harder and more often, I recover quicker, don’t get sore and stiff muscles that keep me from hitting a class when I want to.  This is a great Combo!”  – Jack

Links to Orangetheory Fitness locations in Uptown and Edina here, call to schedule a free class!

*Halo Cryotherapy and our team love to serve you, please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about how cryotherapy can help you.  We cannot wait to continue to serve you throughout the twin cities.  We have very exciting news coming very soon, so STAY TUNED!*

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