Inflammation- Everybody has it. So What Can We Do About it?

Inflammation- Everybody has it. So What Can We Do About it?

Hello again Halo Friends!

We are so happy to share cryotherapy with you all as we see more and more new and friendly faces coming in to see us.  It is so great to share the benefits of cryotherapy with all of you, and we hope we can continue to learn more from each other as we grow in the community.

So many of our clients come to us with such a wealth of knowledge that we at Halo are so interested in, and we love hearing about how we can continue to improve our lives.  We hope to turn that around and share it with all of you, as well as some of our own knowledge as well of course!

We talk a lot about inflammation, rightfully so due to how huge of an impact Cryotherapy can have on inflammation in the human body.  Whole Body Cryotherapy can significantly reduce systemic inflammation from various causes, including inflammatory conditions (arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthritis, IBD, Crohn’s Disease, & more), dietary inflammation, exercise induced, and the list goes on and on.  Our body’s inflammatory response is much more than it needs to be, causing more damage than necessary in many instances.  My favorite description I have heard describing our inflammatory response is that it is like our body “setting off a nuclear bomb to kill a cockroach” by Dr. Rhonda Patrick.

We can help limit our systemic inflammation by limiting our intake of inflammatory foods.  I want to simply share some of the best anti-inflammatory foods with you that we @ Halo either try to eat and talk about or our clients have shared with us.

  • Leafy greens- Yum.  We all know that eating more greens can help us maintain a healthy diet, but spinach & kale also contain a great amount of healthy compounds including vitamin E, calcium, iron, and phytochemicals that help reduce inflammation.
  • Berries & tart cherries- Some of use love snacking on berries throughout the day, or using them in our recipes for our meals.  We can also eat tart cherries or drink the juices to get more antioxidants, and they also contain healthy polyphenols and anthocyanins.
  • Garlic & Onions- these are a few of my favorite things! No kissing shortly after, but the contain quercetin – a natural antihistamine.
  • Peppers- What a great way to add flavor to our dishes, dip them in hummus, or grill them and use them as a side dish.  Antioxidant vitamin C, and capsaicin which reduces inflammation.

The nightshade family, peppers and onions should be avoided by those with rheumatoid arthritis though.  This can have a negative effect on the inflammation these people suffer from.

Foods can also have an inflammatory effect on our bodies, as we all know too well.  Moderation, moderation, moderation.  Sometimes, avoid these at all costs.  Take a look at the foods you regularly consume, and truly consider reducing or eliminating highly inflammatory foods or beverages from your diet.  It can truly help you live an better life with less pain and more energy.  These are a few of the foods & beverages that cause inflammation in our bodies.

  • Sugar-  I know, its delicious.  Its in almost everything, and hard to avoid.  It causes havoc in our bodies, and can be substituted for with stevia, honey, and other sweeteners that are not processed like sugar is.
  • Dairy- these products can cause stomach discomfort, acne, diarrhea, and more.  Try Kefir or yogurt in moderation if needed.
  • Alcohol- Everybody likes to relax at the end of the night. One glass of wine or a beer with dinner, right? Well, ask your esophagus, larynx, and obviously your LIVER how it feels afterwards. They aren’t so relaxed. Alcohol causes inflammation in these areas, and more.  Have some tea, and some deep breaths to relax.

I know nutrition is something that we all struggle with, or maybe its just me.  I have been working to be more conscious of what I consume, as well as my children.  At Halo, we love talking about this stuff with our clients, so if you have any other advice or suggestions please share!


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