Meet Holly! Sweat inducing-high energy-butt kicking Trainer of the month!

Meet Holly! Sweat inducing-high energy-butt kicking Trainer of the month!

Hey Halo Cryo Crew!

Have you ever had a trainer or coach in a fitness class that got more out of you than you thought you had? That pushed you beyond your comfort zone and improved your fitness? Someone that taught you through a tough class and changed your mentality of how you viewed exercise? We love people like this, and we think you do too.  I want to give these trainers and coaches in our community the credit they deserve, and let you know about them.

We will do a little Q&A with our featured trainer, talk about what types of classes they teach, when & where, and then I will share my experience with the classes I took with them. I hope that by doing this from time to time, we introduce you to some fun new classes with people who make us better.

Today, we meet Holly Bichel from TIGERFIT in Minnetonka.  She is amazing, and her energy is infectious! I have known Holly for years as she has been coming in for Cryotherapy to help her recover from her training regimen.  She lives the fitness lifestyle, and loves sharing it with the people around her.  Her Q&A is below, short and sweet answers because she saves her time and energy for dominating her classes!

1. Please introduce yourself: Name, Title, and favorite class.
Holly Bichel, Tiger Trainer/Trainer of Tigers ;), Any class lead by a Clark!

2. How long have you been a part of the fitness industry/coaching?
Certified fitness junkie for the past 15 years and coaching/personal training at Tiger Fit for just over a year.

3. How did you end up in your position?
I was in one of Stacie’s classes and my sweaty mess must have caught her attention somehow. She emailed me after class and asked me to join her team! The rest is history…

4. It is obvious in your class that you love training your clients, what makes you passionate about what you do?
I believe there is an athlete in all of us. The positive energy and confidence that comes from pushing your limits is the driving force behind it all.

5. Where did you get your certification? How long did that process take?
Chris and Stacie Clark certified. About 4 months- but I’m always learning from the two of them and other amazing trainers.

6. What is your favorite class to teach? Why?
Honestly I love them all!!! Power Hour is a little different though. I like the energy of this class. Everyone is in it together and knows what it takes to get through the circuit.

7. What is your favorite post workout indulgence?
Simple, nachos and wine. Shhhhh, don’t tell Chris!


So, I have had the opportunity to take multiple classes with Holly.  I have also seen her training her clients in the studio, whether its a small group or 1 on 1 training session she always brings care and energy that drives you to be your best.  Her power hour class = Awesome.  It starts with a warm-up, which is difficult in its own right.  We went from the warm-up into a 9 station circuit, each exercise was 45 seconds on, 30 seconds off.  We went through the circuit twice, with a 2 minute recovery in between.  I honestly struggled the first time, but Holly was awesome at motivating me to break through the discomfort and know that I was ok, uncomfortable, but ok.  She was helping me push past my own limits to improve myself.  I have since taken that class with Holly multiple times, and I have gotten stronger each time.  Her energy leading the group is second to none, and her explanation and knowledge of why she has us doing each exercise is great because it helps us understand our bodies and why we need a variety of exercises to create balance and strength throughout our bodies.

I will continue to take classes with Holly, and I hope to see you there soon! If you come because of this blog, let us know! We hope to help you find more ways to live healthy and strong.  Don’t forget to Cryo after class to recover! We have our new Halo Cryotherapy location inside of TigerFit also.

Big thanks to Holly, see you soon for power hour! If you want to take a class with her check out www.betigerfit.com or call her to schedule a personal training session @ 612-801-0714.