Mother’s Day! Free Cryofacial or Cryo for Moms

Mother’s Day! Free Cryofacial or Cryo for Moms

Treat your Mom to a Whole Body Cryotherapy session or Cryofacial anytime from May 8th through May 19th!

Our Cryofacials were created by Dr. Robin Kuehne in Los Angeles, and uses a concentrated stream of nitrogen vapor applied to the face, neck, and scalp to help reduce pore size, stimulate collagen production, and give your skin a beautiful natural glow. The skin tightens, and has a smoother overall appearance due to reduced inflammation.  It only takes 10-15 minutes, and is completely non-invasive.  No peeling, no redness, only beautiful radiant skin!

The anti-inflammatory benefits of cryofacials can help treat skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.  Along with these benefits for the skin it can also assist in alleviating tension headaches, sinus pressure & headaches, & migraines.

The cold temperatures of the nitrogen vapor cause the blood vessels and capillaries of the skin to vasoconstrict (close up) sending blood flow to our organs and core to protect our core temperature, and after the treatment those vessels and capillaries go through vasodilation  (open up) welcoming fresh, vigorous flow of oxygenated blood to rid the area of toxins to create healthier skin.

Mom will love it!  Only rule is that you have to come with mom and use one of our services as well, so treat your Mom while treating yourself!

Call us to book @ 612-787-2796 or visit our website www.halocryotherapy.com.