Super Bowl LII – The Bold North

Super Bowl LII – The Bold North

Hey Minnesota!

As we all take a collective deep breath after all of the Super Bowl festivities, parties, and events, we could not be more proud of our city and the job we did hosting one of the biggest events in the world.  Athletes, Media, & fans have all raved about how great their experience here in Minneapolis was, so good work everybody! From the volunteers, to the host committee and NFL, everyone did their job with a smile on their faces… even if that smile was covered by a purple scarf and ski cap.

Halo Cryotherapy was fortunate to be a part of the Super Bowl Experience at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  The NFL asked us to represent ourselves and the cryo industry to share our knowledge of Cryotherapy and recovery with the million+ people who visited the event!  Check out our pictures below, it was quite the setup throughout the entire 800,000 square foot convention center.  We were in the locker room exhibit as an example of what professional football players do as a part of their routine to recover after practices and games.

I had the opportunity to hold a few demonstrations and Q&A sessions throughout the week with fans as they came through, and explained what Cryotherapy was, how it works, and show them exactly what we provide to clients as they walk in.  Most people got a real kick out of our big Happy Feet slippers.  It was a great way to increase awareness for cryotherapy in our communities and beyond.

It was so fun seeing the reaction people had as they saw the locker of their favorite teams, and took pictures with our cryosauna.  The activites, games, and television broadcasts that were going on inside were so fun to see and take part in.   I know I definitely dominated the 40 yard dash and other combine drills.  Pretty sure ill get a free agent deal next season.

We are so proud to have been a part of the super bowl fun. Thank you to all of you wonderful Minnesotans for your hard work and positive energy towards all of our visitors during the hectic weeks of SB LII!  Now that its over, come and freeze with us.  Cryotherapy is here to stay, and CAN help you and your loved ones recover, reduce pain, fight inflammation, and have more energy!  We are the BOLD NORTH! Nothing says bold more than -220 for a couple minutes!  We cant wait to see you, call us at 612-787-2796 or vivit www.halocryotherapy.com to book today!



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